No-sew scrunchie scarf DIY

No-sew scrunchie scarf DIY |

I made a decorative scarf tutorial a few months ago (link here). Today I have prepared a second version, but much easier and faster, and what is the most important – a no-sew version (of non fray fabrics). It will take you only a few minutes to make it – just cut out the scarf shape of the fabric and … done!  This scarf is perfect for tying around the hair elastic or scrunchie.

Materials: non fray fabrics – you need to choose a fabric which you can cut and then they won’t fray.  For this project thin and quite thin fabrics will be the most relevant.



Cut out a piece of fabric 60 x 15 cm (24 x 6 inches).



Draw 2 lines as shown in the picture below (look at the red lines).



Now, cut along the lines.


Done – your scarf is ready. You can tie it around a hair elastic or a scrunchie (scrunchie step by step tutorial you can find here).




If you are interested in another version of hair scrunchie scarf, take a look at this step by step tutorial.

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